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Why i admire You ?

Simply because I would not even have begun photography without you...
The magic which surrounds your pictures gives me such a strength, how can I
explain it? It's all your world which is fascinating, who pierces your soul as to remind
you of recollections from a previous life, or from a dream or a nightmare...
Like a photo album found in an old attic... Well then, all your senses are on the
alert : it sometimes smells sweetened or acid, sun shines or rain falls, one
caresses you or one slaps you.
It's like receiving the kiss of the death : divine but mortal & immortal in the same time…

I want to be a professional photographer since 3 years, & it's your photographies who have decided me.

Thanks forever.

Angie of Witches Tales & Angel Dust

Picture special take for You :


Dearest Yelena

I have been a fan of yours for just about 4 years now, since the first time I saw the cover photo you did for Adore I fell in love. Your photography just captures this mood in me that I can never find in any other photo. You have inspired me to want to become a professional photographer and to try and capture that same feeling myself.Here is a link to my photography ~ deviantART; disposition ~ I hope you are able to take a look at it and I would love to know what you think. I hope to see more of your work everywhere!


Dear Yelena,

A friend of mine just passed along the book for Dries Van Noten's Fall
Winter collection, and I was blown away. I had to ask myself "who is this
incredible photographer Yelena Yemchuk?" and was lucky to find so much
information about you on the internet. I look at the book everyday and am
finding some much needed inspiration for my own work. Thank You!!

An humble fan,
John Folsom


hi yelena,
i just wanted to say i think your one of the most amazing photographers
around and i love your work.
i am into photography myself and you are a huge inspiration to me.
i have been doing it for 3 years and when i saw your pictures i just thought
"wow!" because they are just so beautiful.
don't stop what your doing because your photography and art is amazing!
Lou xxx


A letter to Yelena

Dear Yelena

Your works are enthralling, awe-inspiring and lovely. What amazes me about them is that touching past they are through modern at the same time. I'd even say that they are ahead of our times in their excellence.
Before seeing your black and white shots I never thought that photograhs can be so "alive", full of emotions, so straightforwardly true. Thanks to your pictures I discovered the art of photography and learned to appreciate art in general. I think I know what is REAL BEAUTY now, because your eyes are beauty spotters.
Angelika Lis


Regarding your magnificent images

I am a huge fan of Billy Corgan's music and have been an avid lover of the Pumpkins and the recent Zwan. The images from the Pumpkins albums and videos always gave the band a kind of magical atmosphere that completed their identity. The visual elements reflected perfectly the sounds coming from the band: beautiful, impassioned, otherworldly. When I discovered the photographer behind these haunting images I became an instant fan.
I am an amatuer photographer and shoot in predominant black and white.Yelena, you're an inspiration. Thanks for following your creative impulse.

Christopher Portman


Ms. Yemchuk,
I'm not really sure if these messages go straight to you. At any rate, I would
first like to say that your work is so beautiful. I was wondering if you might
be willing to check out the webpage for a publishing company that I am working
on, Thank You But No productions. A lot of what we do are zines, but we also
would like to put out a larger journal once a year. I would love to work with
you on a project. Here is all of the information concerning TYBN:
P.O. Box 12158
Seattle WA 98102
I hope this message finds you well, and that maybe you will have a chance to
check us out. We are only beginning, but the future looks bright.
Matthew Oyer


Yelena, Yelena, where do I begin? You photos floor me, truly.
Especially the recent spread in W magazine's special jewelry edition. Each
page is so rich, my eyes are so excited they can hardly contain themselves.
Do you have any tips for budding photographers who want to enter the world of
avant garde fashion photography?
if this email ever makes it to you, please view my work it is similar to
I envy your beautiful life.

thanks for the bountiful inspiration!


first of all i would like to thank Yelena for all the magic and beauty you capture in your photographs. truly amaizing. I've been an Smashing Pumpkins fan for a very, very long time, and i've always considered all the Arts that S.P. shared with us musicly and visualy , a very strong influence in my work. I'm a Fashion styling student in Milan, after some complicated years in a fine art university , and i am trying to direct my work into the music indusrty cause i really do believe that eventualy fashion will again be dictated buy the music panorama, like it did in the 80' 70' and so on.
Having seen your work i decide to choose you to write about in my photgraphy essay. I want to write and show a part of a shadows part of Fashion, the image of music.
I would like to ask Yelena if it is possible to ask some techical information, like what kind of cameras she works with, any specific lights, any thing that characterises your work in a specific way. there must be something , cause the magic is there... and it passes our eyes directly into our heart.
I have been trying to reserch the www. for infomation but i don't seem to find anyting, no books , no nothing.
Thank you for your attention.
Thank you for sharing with us such a beatiful world of images in music. the music that lives in the heart.



Dear Yelena,
I love you to shoot my clothes,how can i get in touch?


Hi Yelena,

I discover your website not so long ago.
I want to tell you that I like very much your work. I do photgraphy aswell since 2001 now, and I love black and white especially.
I would like to know what kind of material you use, I mean what camera and what kind of film you use for your black and white pictures. I love this special effect they almost all got....there are so many emotions in them...Its beautiful.
Tx you very much.
Hope you will do some exhibitions soon in my country : France. espcially in Paris maybe.
Take care, and I wish you all the best for your future exhibitions.